Frequently Asked Questions

How Exactly does ClientEngine Work?

ClientEngine targets and generates highly targeted leads with social media advertisements. We put your name, brand, and services right in front of the customers that match your ideal demographics and psychographics. We send your leads to well thought out landing pages, track how they interact with the page, and optimize the ads and landing pages so that results are improved over time and advertising dollars are optimized.

Is a Robust Advertising Budget Necessary?

Nope! Our customers can start as little as $700 per month on Ad spend. Once your ads have proven to generate exceptional ROI, then you can decide to increase your budget as you go.

How Much does ClientEngine Cost?

ClientEngine recommends that you start at spending $700 per month on ad spend we charge a $700 per month management fee. The one-time set-up fee costs $450

Are Long-term Contracts Required?

Absolutely not! ClientEngine is a monthly subscription service and you can cancel at any time.

What if my website isn't all that great?

Website is no good? No problem! ClientEngine knows a thing or two about designing landing pages that produce sales. As part of your subscription, we'll design your landing page for optimal results.